Frequently Asked Questions

What type of waste do you accept?

We only accept food waste at Emerald Biogas. The food waste can be packaged or unpackaged as our process effectively separates any associated packaging such as glass, plastic or metal from the food waste.

What kind of businesses do you accept waste from?

We work with a diverse range of businesses and organisations across the public and private sector. Our current client base includes waste management companies, food manufacturers, retail and leisure outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, local authorities and schools among others.

Do you accept residential waste?

The plant can accept any source segregated food waste, therefore as and when local authorities in the North East begin to collect food waste separately we can accept it.

Do you collect waste directly?

We work with a number of approved collectors and can coordinate collections if required.

Can you accept waste from our current waste collector?

Yes, we are currently working with a variety of national and independent collection companies across the North East.

What happens to the non food waste?

Any associated packaging found in the food waste stream is removed at the recycling separation stage and then prepared for transfer to a suitable recycling facility.

What are the benefits of anaerobic digestion?

Anaerobic digestion provides a sustainable, safe and effective alternative to landfill. Waste and food waste in particular is a considerable issue and the process of anaerobic digestion enable the waste to be recycled and more importantly transformed into new valuable commodities such as energy and biofertiliser.

Where does the energy generated go?

The energy - 1.56MW which is sufficient to power 2,000 homes – generated via the digester comprises electricity and heat. The electricity is fed directly to the national grid and the surplus heat is supplied to the surrounding businesses at the industrial estate where Emerald Biogas is located.

What are the benefits of the bio fertiliser?

The fertiliser produced from the digestate is packed with nutrients including nitrogen, phosphate and potash. We are supplying landowners and agricultural businesses within a 10 mile radius of the Emerald Biogas facility.