Emerald Biogas has the continued support of a host of partners including:



The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is a government department in the UK. The Government believes that the environment must be protected for future generations, the economy made more environmentally sustainable, and quality of life enhanced. Defra is tasked with supporting the farming industry, protecting biodiversity and encouraging sustainable food production. Through the Rural Development Programme for England, Defra provided Emerald Biogas with £1.86m of funding.



Founded in 2000 to support recycling in the UK and to create a market for recycled materials WRAP assists the government in devising strategies to tackle the issue. Over the last decade, WRAP has utilised its expertise to provide research and practical advice to organisations working in the industry. Emerald Biogas received £850,000 from the WRAP Anaerobic Digestion Loan Fund.